Coronet SL and GS

  • 23 July 2016
  • Jon
  • NZ Skiing Masters
The SL and GS at Coronet Peak are on but will not be FIS Masters.

Earlier this week we had to make a final decision as to whether the SL and GS will meet the FIS requirements. Unfortunately, after inspecting the snow pack and looking at the weather forecast, we had to inform FIS that they wouldn't. The races have to run on FIS homologated slopes and at the time there wasn't enough snow to get the vertical length required and we couldn't rely on the forecast form this to change significantly.

We have excellent snow for the SG and enough to run a good SL and GS though not to FIS length. Ironically, as I'm writing this, the weather has just come in, Coronet is closed this afternoon with wind chill of -3.7 degrees C on the Coronet Express Lift - this should mean snow!

We are looking forward to having the first FIS Masters race in NZ next year (2017) at Coronet Peak.